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  • Top 5 Hedges - Everyday Living Gardens

    10 October at 17:15 from atlas

    Need a great looking hedge and find it a little tough to pick the right one for your garden. look no further as Everyday Living Gardens is here to help.

    Everyday Living Gardens - Top 5 Hedges

    1. Viburnum Odoratissimum -
    Medium to large + Lush green leaves + White flowers

    2. Murraya Paniculata
    Small to medium size + Dark green leaves + White flowers

    3. Japanese Box
    Small size + Light green leaves + No flowers

    4. Acmena Smithii Minor
    Medium to large size + Light green leaves with brown to red tips + White flowers

    5. Photinia Red Robin
    Medium to large size + Brown, red leaves with red tips + white flowers

    At Everyday Living Gardens we recommend these hedge varieties in nearly all our jobs. These hedges have always proved themselves over the many years and can with stand harsh weather.
    These hedges are great for nearly all gardens and once established will look great for the many years to come.

    Available soon on our new online store coming soon.

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