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  • Fresh, Healthy Produce in your own backyard

    9 October at 19:28 from atlas

    Spring is a great time to plant out all your favorite herbs & Veggies in your own backyard. If you don't have a lot of room then you can always plant in pots.

    There are many different Vegetables to choose from and are available in your local nurseries and online stores.

    Eating what you grow means more money in your pocket and having fresh produce in your own backyard.

    Nothing beats a freshly picked tomato or the goodness of freshly chopped herbs and salad veggies.

    At Everyday Living Gardens we always encourage our customers to include a veggie patch in their garden.
    We believe it's a great thing to do for the whole family and by getting the kids involved they not only learn about gardening, but they get to eat fresh, healthy produce.

    There are plenty of varieties available including;

    - Parsley
    - Eggplants
    - Coriander
    - oregano
    - Pumpkin
    - Cucumber
    - Zucchini
    - Chilli plants
    - Basil
    - Tomatoes
    - Capsicum

    and the list goes on...

    Herbs & Veggies will be available for sale on our new online store coming soon.

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